Benefits of a Slant Board

There are many reasons to invest in a slant board for your child, including benefits in handwriting.  A slant board typically consists of aslant board flat surface positioned at an angle with clips or anchors to hold materials (such as paper and books) in place.  They come in a variety of sizes and angles, and some are even adjustable. 

Below are several benefits of slant boards for your child for use both in and out of the classroom:

  • Promotes fine and visual motor skills- The angled position of the slant board promotes better placement of the shoulder, arm and hand.  It is therefore providing a better position to work on skills such as writing and drawing.  The position of the board also brings the paper closer to the child and makes it easier to see.
  •  Promotes an efficient marker grasp- The best hand position for handwriting and holding a writing utensil is in wrist flexion. The angled position of the slant board promotes this position, which provides better support for holding a pencil appropriately.  This position may also assist in applying just the right amount of muscle force in holding a pencil.
  •  Provides an easier to reach work surface-For children who have difficulty reaching the entire paper while flat on a desk, the slant board provides an easier distance to reach from the top to the bottom of the page, while also keeping the paper stabilized.
  • Helps with posture- Typically, writing or reading on a flat surface utilizes an inefficient posture, as seen through slumped body position, elevated shoulders, and looking down consistently. The slant board brings the line of vision higher, which encourages looking down to promote an upright posture.
  • Allows visual tracking for reading Placing a book or other reading material on a slant board may reduce eye strain. The child does not need to refocus their eyes as they scan through a page since all text remains at the same angle.

There are many slant boards on the market to choose from! It is best to choose one made of stable material and with an adjustable slant. The slant board can be used at home or at school, or anywhere that you child engages in writing, reading or drawing!

 To watch a 2 minute video on how to improve handwriting in children, click here!

Lauren Weichman

Lauren Weichman is an Occupational Therapist and a former Special Education teacher. She has always had passion for working with kids to reach their full potential in leading successful and happy childhoods. She attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana to earn her Bachelors degree in Special Education, with a focus on mild disabilities. Upon graduation she became a certified learning behavior specialist in Illinois and taught special education in the Chicagoland area for 3 years. Her classroom consisted of children with a variety of diagnoses, including learning disabilities, behavior disabilities, Autism, ADHD and others. Lauren made the decision to pursue the field of occupational therapy in order to work with children in achieving goals in all areas of their lives. She attended Rush University in Chicago, Illinois to earn her Masters degree in occupational therapy. While a student, she completed a twelve-week internship at North Shore Pediatric Therapy (NSPT). During this time she worked with the NSPT therapists and staff to learn first hand of the fundamentals of pediatric occupational therapy. Lauren is also a participant in the Best Buddies Illinois and is an active member of their Associate Board.

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