Behavior 911® at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

North Shore Pediatric Therapy offers a program that focuses on decreasing inappropriate behaviors in the home, school, and community.

Find out if you, your child and your child’s school would benefit from our professional services, by answering the questions below:

  • Do you find yourself watching Super Nanny and wishing you could have that kind of help?
  • Do you feel like the majority of your interactions with your child’s school are negative?
  • Are you finding yourself often resorting to verbal threats or actions?
  • Do you feel worried about the way your child is behaving when you are not around?
  • Do you feel like your child doesn’t respond to the consequences or rules that have been set?
  • Is your child requiring so much attention, you feel like your other children are losing out?
  • Are you exhausted from spending too much negative energy on your child?
  • Do you catch yourself bargaining with your child to get him/her to comply?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we can help! Managing challenging behaviors is our specialty!

A behavior intervention plan is developed based on the individual needs of your child.  By creating a proactive and reactive plan within the child’s environment, your child’s behavior can be shaped to achieve the desired outcomes.  Based on the information provided, observations, and other outside narratives, a specific plan is created.  Parents and other people within the child’s environment are taught to implement the plan and create a positive and supportive environment for your child.

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