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Pros and Cons of Fidget Spinners for Kids

If you have children I am sure that you have come in contact with the latest social craze. Fidget spinners. In the past several months there have been Pokémon GO, Minecraft, Roblox, and even YouTube. Like all of these fads, there are positives and negatives for children to using fidget spinners.  Pros of fidget spinners: […]

The Benefits of After School Activities on a Child’s Self-Esteem

The schedule of a child today is very different from what it looked like five years ago. More and more children are involved in various after school activities and play multiple sports that have them running (and often, being driven by parents) from place to place. The question is this: Are all of the activities […]

How to Include Bullying into Your Child’s IEP

Bullying is an epidemic that has grown in the last few years and has affected children in various, negative ways.  Children with special needs are often bullied since they are viewed as “easy” targets.  These same children often have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that outlines the extra help or accommodations the child receives at […]

Help Your Child Learn to Develop Social Skills

As children begin to end their school year and begin summer camps, the idea of meeting new friends can be a scary one for them.  Parents can play a key role in preparing their children for a fun and exciting summer camp experience by practicing these social skills with their children. 7 Methods To Prepare […]

Children and Diets | What to do when your child has a bad body image

The new epidemic that is starting to face families across the nation is young children wanting to diet.  A recent study conducted by the  University of Florida revealed that nearly half of the 121 participants (ages 3-6) admitted that they were worried about being overweight.  Why are these children worrying about what they eat instead […]