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Sensory Processing Disorder and the School Cafeteria: Strategies for Lunchtime Success

Trays clashing. Silverware clinking. Kids shouting. Scary vegetables. Bright lights. Weird smells. People everywhere. The school cafeteria provides a wide array of sensory experiences all at once. Some kids, especially those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), can be overwhelmed by any or all of the sensory aspects of a cafeteria. Preparing your child or student […]

A Teacher’s Guide To Helping Students Of All Ages With Handwriting

Handwriting is a very important skill that can affect a child’s ability to learn, keep up with class, and ultimately express themselves. However, learning and honing that skill can be a stressful experience, for students and teachers alike. There are many factors that affect this (assumedly simple) skill of writing. The position of the paper, […]

5 Tips to Help Your Child with Motor Planning

Does your child have difficulty learning or doing a new or unfamiliar task? Does he appear clumsy or avoid participating in sports or other physical activities? Does he have trouble coming up with new play ideas or knowing how to play with toys? If this sounds familiar, your child might have difficulty with motor planning.  […]

Develop Executive Functioning Skills This Summer

Does your pre-teen have difficulty staying on task? Does he become overwhelmed when presented with a long-term project? Does he have a hard time controlling his emotions and behaviors? Is it a constant struggle for him to clean up his room? If so, your child may have difficulty with executive functioning. Executive functioning skills are […]