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Cooking With Kids: Spooky Treats

Back in elementary school, the music teacher, Mr. House, had us sing songs during the various holidays. Every year around the end of October, we would sing a song that spelled out Halloween…and quickly it became one of my favorite holidays due to this “catchy” song! Another fun part to Halloween are the parties that […]

Who is a Child Life Specialist?

Once referred to as “the play lady” in the hospital setting, the Child Life Specialist role has since grown into one that addresses the psychosocial concerns of children and their families. They take the approach of family-centered care and help to make a hospitalization experience positive and growth-promoting. I was fortunate enough to be a […]

Fabulous Fall Crafts for the Family

      The shorter days and cooler nights mean fall is here!  Get into the spirit of the season with these fun fall crafts. Fabulous Fall Crafts for the Family: Autumn Wreath—TP (toilet paper) Style Materials: Wire coat hanger 14 to 16 toilet paper rolls Construction paper red, orange and/or yellow (fall colors) Optional: […]

Cooking With Kids: 4th of July Desserts

      Fireworks, barbeques, getting together with friends and family…a perfect 4th of July holiday!  The only thing that makes it better is to have the kids help make the dessert!  Here are some fun and easy recipes to celebrate the holiday: 1)    Patriotic Poke Cake             Ingredients: 18.25 oz. white, yellow or vanilla […]

Nurturing With Nature: Fun Outdoor Crafts

      Here is a way to combine an adventure outdoors with a fun craft project!  Any of these crafts can be modified for any age group so everybody can join in the fun! 1)    Nature Tea Light Holder             Supplies: Leaves and foliage Glass votive holder or jar (can find these cheap at […]