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Sensory Diets

A diet is defined as the food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health. A well-rounded nutritional diet promotes appropriate development and growth. In the same manner, the sensory system needs a proper “diet” of stimuli in order to process information, promote regulation, and promote efficient processing of […]

BOOM! Auditory Strategies to Make this Independence Day Fun for your Auditorily Sensitive Child

In our previous Independence Day themed blog, we discussed sensory strategies to address visual concerns around the holiday. Remember that the Fourth of July provides as much auditory stimulation as it does visual. Remember, sensory over-responsivity, or sensory defensiveness, occurs when a child (or adult) is presented with sensory stimuli is not processed within the […]

FLASH! Visual Strategies to Make this Independence Day Fun for your Visually Sensitive Child

Independence Day is a holiday filled with picnics, parades, and fireworks. While many celebrate this day by coming together with friends and family in a hubbub of joy, anticipating a day filled with food and laughter, families with special needs children find the holiday to be a challenge. Sensory Over-Responsivity (Sensory Defensiveness): Sensory over-responsivity, or sensory […]

Sensory Play for Summer

Sensory play and multi-sensory approaches to learning have been incorporated throughout many learning opportunities to encourage versatile growth and development. Providing children with an opportunity to learn via tactile, auditory, visual, and even movement input has proven to show faster incorporation and carry-over of skills across environments. Sensory teaching techniques also stimulate learning by encouraging children […]