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Childhood Apraxia: The Facts

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a neurologically-based motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have difficulty producing speech sounds in the absence of muscle weakness or paralysis. Though a child with CAS knows what he/she wants to say, impairments in planning and/or coordinating lip, tongue, and jaw movement results in […]

Spring Speech-Language Activities

Spring, the season of growth and renewal, is an excellent time to foster your child’s speech and language development using these fun, season-themed activities. The activities listed below can be completed with children of all ages. Each activity targets some or all of the following language skills: Sequencing a multi-step process, following verbal and/or written […]

5 Incredible Ice Breakers for Therapy Sessions

Rapport between therapist and client can be built by finding common ground and engaging in a positive joint experience. Rapport reduces tension and helps foster trust and communication within the therapeutic environment. Ice breakers are an excellent way to lay a strong foundation for rapport, as they provide an early opportunity for joint participation in […]

Praise Your Child The Right Way

Praise is an important part of raising a child with healthy self-esteem. The right kind of praise can make the difference between having a child with self-confidence and grit and a child who depends on outside praise for his sense of self-worth. Praise your child the right way with these 5 tips. 5 Tips to […]

7 Tips For Creating A Visual Schedule

What is a visual schedule? A schedule consists of main activities to be completed during a particular time frame. A visual schedule uses words or symbols (depending on your child’s level of literacy) to represent activities on his/her schedule. For more information about visual schedules and why you should use them, click here. 7 Tips for […]

Does Sucking on a Pacifier Harm Speech Development?

Does sucking a pacifier harm speech development? There is not a clear-cut answer to this question. While the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association takes the position that overuse of pacifiers can negatively impact speech development, results of studies investigating this question have yielded mixed results when comparing the speech skills of pacifier users versus non-pacifier users. What […]