Developmental Milestones in the Preschool Years

Preschool Presentation

Learn how to identify the developmental milestones a typically developing preschooler, ages three through five exhibits as he or she is growing. Developmental milestones covered include: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech and language skills, social-emotional skills, and age appropriate play skills.  The presenters will also provide important red flags that indicate a possible delay or decline in developmental milestones which may warrant intervention.  Classroom and home tips for facilitating a child’s development and advice for working with children displaying diverse forms of challenging/inappropriate behaviors will be shared and discussed throughout the presentation

This Workshop, led by an Occupational Therapist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Speech-Language Pathologist, will guide you in:

    • Social and Play Milestones: What to look for in the preschool years
    • Skill Development and Behavior: How Applied Behavior Analysis helps bridge the gap
    • Typical developmental milestones for receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language skills in children ages three through five
    • Learning the red flags pertaining to speech and language development to better understand possible deficits and delays in children three to five years of age
    • A better understanding of sensory processing
    • Obtaining information about motoric milestones for preschool aged children

Presentation Details:
Date: December 2, 2015
Time: 7:00-8:00pm
Location: North Shore Pediatric Therapy
Lincolnwood Clinic
4433 West Touhy Ave.
Suite 335
Lincolnwood, IL. 60712

*Only 30 tickets are available. If you do not get into this one, please email us to be put on the list for the next event.