Somatosensory ImpairmentWhat is somatosensory impairment?

Somatosensation refers to the sensations arising from the skin. These sensations include the ability to feel light touch, localize a touch, discriminate temperature, identify an object through the sense of touch (somatosensation), discriminate the sharpness of an object, and the ability to feel pain. Somatosensory impairment refers to any type of impairment that affects one’s ability to effectively and accurately process input received from sensory receptors in the skin. Somatosensory impairments can occur in any part or area of the body.

What are some symptoms of somatosensory impairment?

Symptoms vary widely depending on the severity of condition, injury, or impairment. Some symptoms include tingling, numbness, pain, inability to recognize the position of a limb in space or decreased sensation in one or more areas of the body.

How does the condition progress?

Depending on the cause, somatosensory impairment can be an acute condition lasting a few days or a chronic condition that lasts several years. Some conditions that cause somatosensory impairments include stroke, cerebral palsy, nerve injury or laceration, and nervous system disorders (like brain or spinal cord injury).

How can I help treat my child’s somatosensory impairment?

Treatment techniques may include, but are not limited to, surgery, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to enable the body to interpret, discriminate, and detect sensations to the skin in a more efficient and accurate manner.

Our approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

At North Shore Pediatric Therapy, our specialists believe that the most beneficial treatment approach begins with an accurate and thorough assessment of current abilities to perceive somatosensory information. Next, an individualized treatment plan will be created, incorporating somatosensory re-training techniques, including, but not limited to, massage, direct visual and verbal feedback, constraint-induced movement therapy, and the most relevant evidence-based practices.

Client Reviews (5)

My daughter who is now 1.5 years old and she started physical therapy when she was 6 months old and was discharged at 1 years old. We was reevaluated and needed therapy a few months later, and that’s when we met Marcy. She was very professional and compassionate towards my daughter. In the beginning hannah was very fearful of leaving my hands and had many meltdowns, a few weeks later hannah was eagerly jumping into Marcy hands. It only took a few months for hannah to come walking out to me in the office and it was a dream! Hannah is now meeting with devorah for speech and she’s absolutely great with it. I’ve recommend this place to friends and neighbors because hoe fantastic the staff and services are. Very highly impressed!


Our daughter saw Sarah Friedman in Glenview (now in Lincolnwood) for gross motor delay. Through our time with Sarah, she made tremendous progress. Sarah worked hard to keep our baby happy during sessions and cheered with us when she did her first roll and her first independent sitting session. We are so grateful for Sarah’s expertise and encouraging support. We still email her with questions and she happily responds. We highly recommend Sarah and the PT at NSPT!

Matt Galin

Flexible, professional and always encouraging our daughter to reach to levels at all times. Updated information on performance reviews and adjustments to therapy goals.


My son (now 4) has only been receiving physical therapy at North Shore Pediatric Therapy for about a month, but already we are seeing so much progress. My son took to his therapist immediately and so he views his sessions as a highlight of his week; his time to play with Miss Sarah is always a joy. He had trouble hopping, balancing, etc… and now he is gaining so much more strength and confidence in his own abilities. My son also has Type 1 Diabetes and I always know he is in good hands as Sarah is well versed in diabetes care and always asks about his blood sugar before his sessions. Thank you!

Jennifer N

Andrea is a wonderful Physical Therapist! Her work with our son is always engaging and fun for him. She is always very helpful with things we can do at home to help him improve and the exercises she does with him, he thinks are games, so he is more willing to do them more often. I’m so glad she is working with him, it is easy to see the improvements over a short period of time!