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Find out if your child has a possible Executive Functioning Disorder with our Easy Checklist.


What is executive functioning?

Executive functioning (EF) is theoretical system used to explain observed responses, and can further be described as a cognitive system that manages and controls responses to everyday tasks. It is the system that allows humans to problem solve and demonstrate appropriate behaviors throughout the day. Executive functioning includes behaviors such as time management, sustained attention, organization, flexibility, problem solving, task initiation, working memory, and response inhibition among other skills. Essentially executive functioning skills allow an individual to successfully navigate through the many issues, dilemmas, and uncertain circumstances of life.


With This Easy to Use, Two Page, Free EF Checklist You Will:

  • Identify issues and have the opportunity to provide appropriate help to enable your child/student’s success.
  • Have a great tool at Parent/Teacher conferences.
  • Have a true understanding if your student/child’s daily and school performance is negatively affected by a possible undiagnosis of Executive Functioning Difficulties


This Checklist is a must for any parent, teacher or physician looking to find answers!


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