Find out if your child has a possible Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) with our Easy Checklist to use in the home and educational settings.

What is SPD? 
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition that results when the brain is unable to integrate sensory information of sight, sound, smell, taste, temperature, pain, body position and movement sensation adequately. Normally, the brain uses information from these senses in order for the body to make sense of and interact with the environment appropriately. Usually this process occurs automatically, without conscious thought. However, for some children with inefficient sensory processing, extensive effort and attention is required to perform even the simplest tasks that should not require conscious thought. This may cause children to over or under react to noise or sounds in their environment, can affect their ability to attend and learn new information, or interfere with motor control.

With This Easy to Use, Two Page, Free SPD Checklist You Will:

  • Identify issues and have the opportunity to provide appropriate help to enable your child/student’s success.
  • Have a great tool at Parent/Teacher conferences.
  • Have a true understanding if your student/child’s school performance is negatively affected by a possible undiagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder

This Checklist is a must for any parent, teacher or physician looking to find answers! 


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