Benefits of Orton-Gillingham Reading Therapy


Orton-Gillingam is a program that uses a flexible approach to target issues commonly associated dyslexia, such as reading, spelling and writing. This therapy uses both direct and systematic approaches, making what comes naturally to some children more explicit for those who may be struggling to learn the rules of literacy. Orton-Gillingham targets literacy using a multisensory approach, having children learn and practice rules using verbal, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic means to increase association and carryover.Girl reading with Orton-Gillingham


Orton-Gillingham can help children who are struggling with sound/letter correspondence. Orton-Gillingham uses the “alphabetic principle,” highlighting the predictable association between sounds and letters (e.g., if you hear a “j” sound at the end of the word it is usually “-ge” or “-dge”, as words don’t usually end in “-j”). This direct instruction explicitly targets the rules of literacy, including (but not limited to): magic-e, blends, clusters, sion/tion, vowels, and others. Orton-Gillingham can help improve your child’s ability to read, write and spell, as well as:

  • Decrease reading avoidance
  • Increase segmenting/blending skills
  • Improve understanding of sound-letter relationships
  • Increase ability to sound out words
  • Reduce frustration when reading
  • Improve understanding of spoken and written language

If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or has been performing well below grade level, a licensed speech-language pathologist or academic specialists can help! Our SLPs have been trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach and can help if classroom instruction in reading and spelling has been unsuccessful.