The Increasingly Crucial Family Calendar

Oh no, was that today?” How many times have you uttered those words? With work BlogFamily-Calendar-Main-Landscapeschedules, school schedules, soccer, ballet, etc. a family calendar is a must have! When my children were young we kept a large paper calendar hanging on the kitchen wall, but calendars have come a long way since then. Although some people still opt for the paper calendar, there are many electronic calendar options available today that make organizing hectic family schedules a snap.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting a family calendar:

  1. Who will be using the calendar? Is the calendar intended for iPhone use only or can it be accessed by Android users? Can existing calendars be imported? For instance, with Cozi you can import your Google calendar.
  1. What printing features are important to you? Many calendar systems have the weekly view option but are you interested in printing a monthly view? Google calendar allows you to print the entire month at a glance.
  1. What additional features are you looking for in a calendar? Do you want daily reminders for appointments? What about menu planning or even chore reminders? With Famjama you can manage teams and groups, send email blasts, and share events with friends!

Using an electronic family calendar allows you to add appointments, view schedules, and plan ahead for upcoming events. With an electronic calendar you can set reminders, and send notifications to other family members. You can even use the calendar as a visual tool to prevent your child from becoming over-scheduled!

For a more detailed review of the best family calendars check out “The 6 Best Family Calendars” blog by MomOf6.

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