Top 10 To-Do List For Parent Teacher Conference

Parent teacher conferences serve as an important time in a child’s academic year. The teacher is able to provide updates and insight parent teacher conferencesinto the student’s progress within the classroom.  In today’s schools teacher’s conferences schedules are often jam packed and you might only have fifteen precious minutes with the teacher to talk about your child. What we advise you to do is to be prepared in order to get the most out of the conference. The following are suggestions that we recommend to help with the conference.

10 Tips to Prepare for Conferences:

  1. Ask the teacher to log behaviors or issues at the beginning of the year so you have concrete examples as to the behaviors the child is engaging in.
  2. Make a questions list beforehand. Focus questions not only how the child is doing academically but also socially and behaviorally.
  3. Ask your child if there is anything new you should know before you go in.
  4. Ask your child what he or she likes about school and also what he or she does not like.
  5. Ask the teacher how you can make sure your child reaches his or her potential? What extra activities would be recommended?
  6. Ask the teacher who your child is friends with and how that area is going.
  7. Ask her who he or she sits with at lunch and if he or she smiles a lot and looks happy.
  8. Ask the teacher if she has any other concerns about your child besides academics.
  9. If the teacher says anything negative about your child, without follow up, ask for a solution(s) and tell her you also will think of some.
  10. Don’t be defensive, just ask good questions!

Remember that the teacher is there to help your child develop to the highest potential. It is important to take the advice that is provided as they have seen many children and are able to readily identify areas of strength and weakness. It is important to work as a team to make sure your child’s academic and social needs are met.

 Download our Parent/Teacher Conference Checklist by Clicking Here!