We’re looking to hire a Social Media Ambassador!

You need an opportunity that gives you purpose, pride, and continuous challenge and growth – an opportunity that can spark a career. You don’t like set Social Media Ambassodorhours and workplaces, so the flexibility is up your alley. You were born with a mouse in your hand, and eyes focused on a monitor. Okay, so maybe you are not that young, but you’ve caught up fairly quickly. Your DNA is made up of Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter–not nucleotides. You’re a tech freak, but not a computer geek.  You’ve got social skills—like an EQ of 150!  So surrounding yourself with machines or down in a computer science bunker is out of the question. Yet, social media was something you mastered before everyone else jumped onto the bandwagon. You just feel at home in this environment.  Finding you online is a no-brainer, and keeping a pulse on the latest conversations keeps you excited like a runner waiting for the start of a race. Change is something you thrive on, and navigating the ever-changing digital world is just a basic instinct for you. Your online profiles are up to date.  You’re driven by the need to acquire and share information that is helpful.  You understand that conversations online can create something big, something special, something that will make a significant impact in this world in a real and meaningful way. You have a Twitter, Facebook, G+, and LinkedIn account with hundreds of followers and have mastered them all. Your blog gets people talking and thinking. You’re interested in everything that relates to moms, and raising children to reach their ultimate potential. Your life is managed by Apps. You haven’t grown out of your childhood phase of asking questions. You’re ambitious. A 9-5 job sounds mediocre for you. You want your job to feel like a hobby that you can’t get enough of. You want more autonomy, more growth opportunities, more records to break. You can’t be defined by a job description, since you’re not quite sure where this journey might take you. You understand that Attitude determines Altitude, and you want to ascend to 30,000 feet.

Here’s Some More Specifics:

We’re looking to hire an hourly online social genius at North Shore Pediatric Therapy. We’re calling it the “Social Media Ambassador.”  Ambassador has the following definition in the dictionary “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.” An all-in-one Social Media Whiz, Inbound Lead Generator, and Digital Citizen with a large Web Reach.  We want someone who’s an expert at engaging others online through meaningful and appropriate conversation. This is what you love to do—it just comes natural, and you really “get it.”  You’re a detail-oriented, highly motivated, self-initiating and tenacious individual that is excited about getting involved in an organization whose Core Purpose is to “experience the joy of brining happiness into the lives of children and their families.”  Because we are the Thought Leaders in pediatric therapy, you have the confidence in all of the referrals you make.

Applicants for this position should have vast experience in leveraging social media. We’d like to break new ground here – most companies ignore their customers, and potential customers who are online. We’re looking for creative online community building. What’s possible? What would be interesting and entertaining to get across on social media? We want engagement that people will be attracted to, and trust.  They’ll even be sure to pass on to people they care about.

Therefore, we are looking for someone with great writing skills, and comes across as intelligent and confident.

We will track your success as a measure of Leads and Leads to Clients. You must be motivated and ready to push the boundaries of growth.

This is a job full of freedom, exploration, and creativity, but at the end you need to deliver measurable results that increase revenue and profit for the company, while fulfilling our core purpose by connecting the children who need therapy, with the BEST pediatric therapy organization in the country.


  • Maintain a strong social media presence as an advocate of North Shore Pediatric Therapy
  • “Listen” for opportunities to inform potential clients about our resources and services and act quickly to share our resources and recommend us
  • Facilitate relevant Facebook and other social media groups for parents in the Chicagoland area, concentrated in the North Shore suburbs
  • Actively join discussion boards and relevant groups to look for potential clients
  • Own weekly, monthly and quarterly lead generation and conversion targets
  • Know the service and market, maintain insight into trends, news and needs that define market opportunity for the service lines
  • Attend weekly marketing meeting

Desired Skills & Experience:


  • Must have a clean image online and consistently throughout the internet
  • “Ambassador” means that you represent us, so you must be consistent with our company’s culture
  • 5-10 years social media experience over various channels
  • Personal experience with pediatric therapy preferred (your own children, close relatives)
  • Technology / Medical Services background preferred
  • Strong communication skills, writing skills (spelling and grammar) required
  • Professional, team player with strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Company Description:

North Shore Pediatric Therapy is a company devoted to helping children develop skills and overcome obstacles so they may reach their fullest potential.  Motivated by our love and respect for children, our team of neuropsychologists, counselors, occupational, physical, speech, behavioral and developmental therapists are committed to bringing happiness into the lives of children and their families.   We’re a multidisciplinary center where parents discover peace of mind through a collaborative approach.  North Shore Pediatric Therapy has been assisting families for over 16 years and has expanded to include 6 locations.  For more information, please visit https://nspt4kids.com/

How to Apply:

Send your cover letter and resume to Admin@NSPT4kids.com .  If we are impressed by your ability to demonstrate your social skills and express your individuality, we may ask you to send us examples of your work, why you want to work at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, and anything else you think will help you stand out. We typically get 100+ applications for a position at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, so we look favorably upon those who make it easy for us to see how good they are.

Also, this is a Chicago-based position, so it’s important you’re in town. You’ll work out of your home, but we’ll also gladly give you space in our office if you want to get out of the house and be around other great people!  We’re excited to hear from you.

*North Shore Pediatric Therapy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.