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ABA Intake Process:

  • Meeting – Includes meeting with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst 1:1 to go over your concerns and areas you feel are of importance to focus on.
  • Skills Assessment – Our assessments feel natural and are full of play! Depending on your child, a specific assessment is used that best fits his or her needs. Assessment results are collected and your child’s current skill level is mapped out.
  • Behavior Assessment– An observation occurs in your child’s natural environment to determine the function of inappropriate behaviors of concern. Once the function is determined, a behavior plan is developed.
  • Feedback Meeting – Parents and BCBA meet together to go through results of skill and behavior assessments. The BCBA provides clinical recommendations that best fit your child and will allow your child to blossom to the fullest extent.

On-going Sessions:

  • In-clinic
  • In-Home
  • In-School/Camp/Community

Sessions are typically 2-4 hours long and multiple sessions per day may be recommended. Sessions are implemented by your team of behavior therapists. Sessions are based on reinforcement, fun, and motivation to learn skills and behavior appropriately!

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Involvement:Behavior Evaluation

At NSPT, BCBAs are highly involved in the treatment process. All programming and recommendations are from your BCBA. Your BCBA will have frequent contact with your child and his or her therapists and be an on-going support system for skill development and behavior reduction.

Why Parents love our BCBAs and BT Team:

  • High level of BCBA involvement
  • All therapists are required to have an undergraduate degree, many hold advanced degrees
  • Clinic time available in addition to in-home
  • Families come first
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