Educational Services

North Shore Pediatric Therapy is proud to offer a wide array of school and educational services.  By utilizing our multidisciplinary experts, we are the only Illinois-based pediatric therapy center that can provide parents with a holistic approach to meeting their child’s goals.  We have built many strong relationships with both private and public schools in the North Shore and Chicagoland areas. We look forward to helping your child blossom!

Educational ServicesEducational Services Include:

  • 1:1 School Aides
  • OT, SLP, PT therapy sessions in school
  • School advocacy and consulting
  • Tutoring
  • Orton Gillingham Reading Program

Why Hire an Educational Advocate?

  • You are uncertain if your child requires additional services and would like someone to review his records and provide an expert opinion.
  • Your child’s neuropsychologist states she needs services but your school is saying “no.”
  • Your child is smart, but she has bad grades. The school says she can’t get extra help because she tested within the average range and you don’t know how to get support for her.
  • Your child’s grades are good, but he keeps getting into fights at school and got suspended.  The school says they can’t give an IEP to a student with good grades and you don’t know what to do.
  • Your attempts to meet with the school have been unsuccessful.
  • When entering an IEP meeting, it’s like walking into a fan-filled football stadium. You feel outnumbered, emotional and have trouble finding the words to help your child.
  • You aren’t sure how to effectively present your independent evaluations and information from private therapists to the school team.
  • You aren’t sure that your child is learning independent and functional skills needed to live in the world after graduation.
  • Your child has autism and the school says they don’t need to provide ABA in the school setting.
  • The school is refusing to provide an appropriate reading program in spite of the fact that your child has trouble decoding.
  • Your school says that your child isn’t eligible for extended school year services because he doesn’t regress over winter break, but you believe he needs services continued over the summer.

Our pro-active advocates will:

  • Thoroughly analyze your child’s records
  • Provide you with recommendations for improvement in your child’s education
  • Work with the team to help you obtain the desired outcome