Social Services

Social Services

Our social services team provides treatment to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families. We provide diagnostic and treatment services to help children and their families cope with everyday stressors and crises. The social services team treats a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, anger, non-compliance, autism, developmental disabilities, physical illness, ADHD, attachment disorders and loss. We work with children individually or as part of a family unit.


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Social Skills Training and Problem Solving
  • Therapeutic Games and Books
  • Anger Management
  • Solution Focused and Brief Treatment
  • Crisis intervention, advocacy, consultation and collaboration with schools, other professionals and agencies
  • Parenting/behavior solutions
  • Classroom management training and solutions

Client Reviews

We have been getting services for about 6 months and seen incredible changes in our son. Each individual has different needs, and I am glad that Rebecca is able to assess and help meet some of the needs we have. She creates a comfortable environment and helps give my child tools to be more successful.


Rebecca is Izzy’s therapist and we both love her. She works well with Izzy, she’s a great fit for Izzy’s personality and her needs. I believe she’s done her best in trying to help with Izzy’s issues. Izzy has made some progress, and the areas she hasn’t, I feel have nothing to do with Rebecca. Rebecca is great!

Liz Schmidt

My son has been seeing Rebecca for about four months now and we are so happy to have found her. Because of her caring and patient nature, she has made Luke feel comfortable from day one. She has wonderful insights into him and we have seen improvement in the short time we have been here. She is also such a wonderful resource for my husband and I. Luke really enjoys coming here. He will leave his Minecraft world to spend time with Rebecca and if you knew my son that means a lot!

Ramona C