Pediatric Nutrition Counseling Services Include:

  • Pediatric Specialties
    – Autism and ADHD
    – Failure to Thrive
    – Food allergies and intolerance
    – Food avoidance
    – Picky Eaters
    – Overweight and underweight

Initial Evaluation

During the initial one-hour pediatric nutrition counseling consultation, we meet with parent(s) and/or child. We will collect relevant information pertaining to: medical history, medication/supplement use, diet history, behavior patterns, and feeding issues. Basic nutrition education is provided and a meal plan may be designed, if indicated. Nutrition/health goals will be made together that are specific, realistic and achievable. A nutrition report will be provided to child’s pediatrician and family. Pediatric-Nutrition-Counseling

Follow-Up Sessions

During half hour to an hour follow-up sessions, we will assess a three day food recall using a nutrient analysis software program, if needed. We work with the whole family to involve all siblings and parents in nutritional goals. Eating and behavior patterns will be reviewed since last visit. We will provide continuing nutrition education on nutritional concerns and healthy behavior strategies to move child and family closer to set goals.

Nutritional Experiences

  • Grocery Store Tours: We provide in store teaching on food labels, power shopping, buying fruits and vegetables, and eating more fiber. Learn about new products for specialized diets. Get advice and guidance on health food purchases and meal planning.
  • Blossom Cooking Class: This class is for children to learn about cooking healthy snacks and meals in each food group. Take-home recipes and food is provided. Individual and group classes are available. Individualized classes target child’s needs: portion control, overeating, picky eating, and limited food preferences.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Counseling

Counseling is provided on the management or prevention of chronic conditions such as: high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.

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