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North Shore Pediatric Therapy’s Speech-language pathologists (SLP) are experts in communication. SLP’s work with people of all ages (birth to elderly) to treat various communication and swallowing problems, such as speech sound errors, language, social communication, voice, fluency, cognitive communication, as well as feeding and swallowing difficulties.

North Shore Pediatric Therapy’s SLPs are experts in communication and specialize in lactation and feeding services.

Speech Language Pathology Services Offered

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Check out this infographic about speech and language milestones from birth to 5 years old


How do I schedule an appointment?


Call us at (877) 486-4140 or fill out a form. Our friendly, intake specialists are ready to help get you scheduled, verify your insurance, and answer questions you may have.


You will meet with a licensed therapist for the intake. During this time the therapist will gather relevant history and discuss current concerns that have lead the family to seek services.


The therapist will meet with the child to formulate a treatment plan based on presenting issues. Typically, sessions occur weekly. Your therapist will recommend frequency for sessions.

Client Reviews (19)

NSPT provided me with an exceptional learning opportunity to further my clinical skills as a SLP student. I left NSPT with more knowledge in my field and more confidence in myself as a clinician. The positive environment, interdisciplinary team work, and everlasting support at NSPT made my externship placement truly wonderful!


NSPT provided me the opportunity to not only gain more clinicial skills in my area of study, but also alllowed me to better understand and experience what other clinicial professions do. I appreciated the feedback and experiences here at NSPT and am so happy I had the opportunity to work alongside other therapists!


My daughter saw Zoe in Glenview for feeding therapy starting when she was 6 months old. We were very concerned because she was losing weight and refusing to eat solids. From the first session, Zoe was able to work with our baby to not only get her to try foods, but to take an active interest in them. Zoe also provided tremendous comfort to us by sharing her breadth of professional and personal knowledge on infant feeding. Our baby is nearly 1 year old now and she is a happy, healthy eater (though still a little picky). We are so grateful to Zoe for starting us on this path.

Matt G

My son has been receiving speech therarpy here for the past 3 years. If it wasn’t for the intellect of the therapist he was working with we would have never discovered that he has APD. Through hard work over the course of the years, my son has blossomed into a talking machine. I highly recommend NSPT for all your kids needs.

Carla R

Our son Ian received speech therapy from Ms. Katie 2x per week for 6 months. We were so thrilled to see his confidence increasing as his verbal skills improved. While we have moved out-of-state & no longer go to NSPT, I am hopeful that we will find a therapy center that is as wonderful & caring as they were!

Stephanie L

NSTP has managed to turn a difficult and sometimes frustrating situation into a fun and educational experience for my 6 year old daughter. Their confidence, willingness to explain every detail of what they do and what they have planned for my daughters sessions has been a life saver to me. The enthusiasm and confidence I encounter with her therapists is not only a needed relief to me as a parent but is also picked up by my daughter and can been seen in her interactions with the therapists and other children as we walk into the office.


My 3-year-old receives speech therapy at NSPT. I’ve been so happy with the progress she’s making in this area. She has been learning new words and phrases and is incorporating them at home, which has been great! I’m impressed with the concern and level of care of the therapists at NSPT.

Pamela S

My son is making wonderful progress with voice volume and enunciation! We love Jaclyn! Thank you for your loving support!

Lisa D

I have three children who have been coming to NSPT since October 2012 in the Glenview office. The therapists are amazing with my children. They are very caring and kind and they love working with children. My son reached all of his goals after one year of being with his therapist. My other two kids are showing a lot of progress and improvement in their speech. I am very happy with the services my kids are receiving.

Weam S

My son (now 4 1/2) has been coming to Speech Therapy at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Highland Park for 9 months. When he started, he was fairly unintelligible, and we were very concerned. Thanks to the amazing SLPs at NSPT, my son has greatly improved and is so much more intelligible. While we still have a ways to go I believe we are on the right track. I no longer have to translate everything he says to everyone. We are thrilled with the speech services our son has received.

Leah B.

My son has been going for speech and ot for almost a year and Ellyn and Katie have been so great working with my son. since starting at north shore pediatric therapy he has really shown huge improvement and has made everyday life easier for my son. they have been great.


My son (now 4) has been coming to Speech Therapy at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Glenview for over a year. When he started, he could barely form words was somewhat unintelligible, and we were obviously very concerned. Everyone used to tell me that one day he would be talking so much I would just want him to stop, but I had a hard time believing them. Thanks to the amazing SLPs at NSPT, it’s true! My son now speaks in full sentences, is fully intelligible, has gained an enormous amount of self-confidence, and I do sometimes think “when is this kid going to be quiet?”. Haha – Needless to say we are thrilled with the speech services our son has received.

Jennifer N

North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides a positive and fun learning environment for their clients. I enjoyed working alongside the therapists in a multi-disciplinary setting and I learned a lot from the experience!

Tanya N

Since my family put my autistic sister into speech therapy in North Shore Pediatric Therapy she had improved in her speech and developed new words, and found confidence in trying to speak more and Maureen is very happy, because everybody is very friendly and pays attention to her needs.


My 22 month old son has been coming to Speech Therapy here at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Bucktown since last fall (2013). He has been seeing Jessica Jamicich. Jessica is a warm, kind and extremely caring Speech Therapist who is wonderful with children with developmental delays. Currently, he is working on action words and two word phrases. My husband and I are extremely please with his speech development. Jessica has been instrumental in helping his speech development along.

Melinda V

North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides a supportive and fun educational atmosphere for both clinical interns and clients. I learned a lot from both my supervisor as well as the rest of the team, made of clinicians from the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work. I received constructive feedback, had access to a variety of helpful treatment and diagnostic materials, and experienced providing services to a variety of clients and their families. Overall, I learned a lot during my time at NSPT and will be very sad not to spend more time there.

Stephanie L

I completed my Level One Speech and Language Pathology internship at North Shore Shore Pediatric Therapy (NSPT) and would highly recommend this site for future students. The NSPT staff members are truly invested in the growth of their students and create a supportive learning environment. NSPT is a clinic that offers various therapies and therefore affords its students the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team and learn from other disciplines. I had an enriching experience as an NSPT intern and feel that I have gained tremendous skill that I will be able to use in the future.


As my school year is beginning and I am looking back on my summer, I realized that the highlight of my summer was shadowing at NSPT. Being able to shadow and sit in on different therapy sessions really gave me a good understanding of what working in the Speech field is like. I did not expect to gain as much out of it as I did, and it definitely confirmed that this is the field that I want to go into. I learned so much, and this semester in my classes I already am recognizing certain concepts and lessons because I came across those things while shadowing. Being able to shadow Julie and other SLPs was very rewarding for me, and I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to all for allowing me to do so. I am looking forward to continuing my education and hopefully one day working myself in the field and in an environment like NSPT. Thanks again for allowing me to gain experience and an insight into how enjoyable and rewarding this field really is!

Arielle B

My two children saw about three speech therapists throughout the course of a year at the Glenview office for age-appropriate but stubborn speech articulation issues. Every single one of the therapists was knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Most importantly, they made the experience fun for the children. The inroads made into my kids’ speech development was substantial and well worth it. It is not always necessarily good to compare your kids to others, but sometimes when I hear other similarly-aged children speak, I can’t help but tell the difference. The speech therapy here at North Shore sincerely helped my kids sound more articulate and will no doubt help them later in life. In addition, all of the Glenview staff helping with insurance, billing and appointments were always pleasant and bending over backwards to help out from the get-go. Lastly, the offices were always clean and cheerful making you want to come there. This is an overall a great place to come for therapy needs for kids.

Lucia G