Tele Therapy

Need a therapist but find it difficult to leave home, school or work? Great news! Technology now brings your therapist to your private environment via computer.

Tele Therapy is the use of information and telecommunications technologies for clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and education. Generally speaking, all mental health procedures that are delivered “face-to-face” can be delivered via tele therapy. The delivery of clinical mental health services via telemental health has been shown to be more cost effective than traditional models of care when travel time and costs are considered.

About Our Therapy Provider:

Jonathan Levin, LCSW

Jonathan Levin, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jonathan Levin, LCSW, is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing 1:1 support for middle school and high school teens, as well as college-aged young adults. He also can run group sessions, including with parents.

Jonathan’s experience includes working with teens and young adults with social difficulties, emotional challenges, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders. Part of that work is helping parents get the help they need to best support their children at home and at school. Currently, we are providing Tele Therapy for mental health
Jonathan works with teens, young adults and parents to help empower them with how they can begin to control their lives by making changes, however big or small. It starts with learning about self, and using supports and strengths.

Client Testimonial:

“Our son has ADHD and anxiety and initially had major social issues that kept him from having friends, feeling good about himself or being successful in school. Christian developed a great relationship with Jonathan who became a huge advocate for him both at home and in school and he was instrumental in helping him during a school crisis. Fast forward a few years and our loner boy is now headed toward becoming an Eagle Scout, has a bunch of nice friends, is getting good grades and is a well-rounded young man. Without the amazing help of Jonathan Levin our son would not be where he is today and our family would be struggling as well.”

Cindy from Glenview, IL.

Tele Therapy FAQs:

What equipment do I need?

• You will need a computer (PC or Mac) with a web camera. Our software is also iphone or ipad compatible. Reliable high speed internet is also important. Any type of webcam headphones works.
• Our software is simple to use, and we have technical support 24/7 to back you up.

How do I know if Tele Therapy is appropriate for me?

• Our clinicians realize that every situation is unique, and they will determine how much personal contact is required for the treatment to be effective. Tele therapy may not be effective in your specific situation, and your clinician will be the first to let you know that.

Advantages of Tele Therapy

• Can offer a practical advantage over traditional sessions in terms of frequency and duration of sessions related to client comfort, and time limitations.
• More anonymity than having to present at an office.

Is my privacy secure?

• We use a dedicated, HIPAA compliant, tele-medicine platform whose sole purpose is dedicated to providing the most secure and reliable tele-medicine experience available today.
• You are responsible for creating a place that is confidential when you are doing the session (i.e. a private room/office). Wearing headphones will help create privacy as well.

Is Tele Therapy covered by insurance?

• Most insurance companies are not yet giving full or even partial reimbursement for tele therapy services. We will still submit to your insurance company with the proper tele therapy codes to try to get you reimbursement. You can also check directly with your insurance carrier by calling yourself.