5 Tips for Successfully Navigating your School Search

Today’s guest blog is by Laura Gradman, founder of Chicago Preschool Pro.

As a mom, September is one of my busiest months of the year.  It’s back to school, back to activities, carpools, homework and early bedtime.  And if you’re the parent of a toddler, September could mean that it’s also admissions season.  Finding the right school for your child can feel equally exciting and stressful.  If your child is someone who has special needs, that stress multiplies.  Here are my top tips for keeping it simple, staying focused, and finding success in your school search.

 Tips for a successful school search:

  • Do your research to learn your options.  It sounds simple enough, but research can be time consuming and confusing.  In order to stay in the right mindset, streamline your process.  The most important part of any school’s website is their mission statement.  Once you have read that, you should have a good idea of whether or not further research is worth your time. Read more