How to Talk to Your Children About Hurricane Harvey

In the age of social media and 24 hour news coverage, information spreads faster than ever and parents cannot always screen what their children are seeing. Children will have their own reactions to what they see and this will elicit emotional responses that they often do not know how to handle. Hurricane Harvey

Below are tips to help you explain Hurricane Harvey to your children:

  • Make them feel safe. Whatever you say, end with the message that they don’t need to worry—even if, as an adult, you know that’s not necessarily true.
    • You want them to feel that their little world is still secure. Remind them that there are a lot of people to protect them and that lots of people are working to make sure resources and safety plans are always available.
    • Sit down and have a family meeting to ensure that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Having set plans will help your child with the fear of the unknown and give them solid ground.
  • Find out what they know and correct any misperceptions.
    • School-age children have undoubtedly heard about the tragedy from their friends, in the classroom and on TV. It’s still important to find out exactly what they know before you start talking.
  • Ask them what they think and how it makes them feel.
    • If they are experiencing anxiety or stress, give them coping skills to work through those feelings.
      • Deep Breathing Exercises
      • Journaling/Coloring pictures about the event
      • Mediation/Mindfulness Exercises

Educate your children on the importance of helping those in need during natural disaster situations such as this. Don’t focus on the destruction, but on the people who are there assisting others.

Here is how your family can help:

  • Find a local food pantry and donate supplies such as canned goods, diapers, pet supplies
  • Contact local Red Cross Chapters and ask how you can help
  • Have a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to helping families in need

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