There are many significant milestones you go through as your once “totally dependent” child grows up. Sleepovers are one of these milestones. As a girls sleepoverparent, the first time your child gets invited to a sleepover can leave you shaking in your boots. The persistent question, “is my child ready?” can be a pervasive one!

There are no hard and fast rules as to when your child is ready, as each sleepover experience is different just as each child is different. While it would be easy to be able to pull out a handbook that would indicate at what age your child would be ready for this independent step, this is simply not the case. Some 6 year-olds may be ready for a sleepover and some 11 year-olds may not. Nevertheless, here are 5 signs that your child is likely ready for a successful sleepover.

5 Signs Your Child Is Ready For A Sleepover:

  1. Your child typically does not have trouble sleeping through the night and is not prone to nightmares.
  2. Your child is capable of basic self-care. He is able to brush his teeth, put on his pajamas and engage in his typical nightly preparations for bedtime without much adult intervention.
  3. Your child is able to ask for what she needs and will feel comfortable doing so!
  4. Your child WANTS to attend the sleepover. This is the most important sign. You want your child to look forward to this new experience.
  5. You, the parent are ready for this separation. If you are not, you will likely send mixed messages to your child as to her ability to succeed during this exciting milestone.

Prior to your child’s first sleepover at a friend’s, try out a sleepover at a family member’s home first. This will help build your child’s confidence that he can, in fact, successfully sleep away for home and enjoy the experience. Just remember part of allowing your kids to grow up is allowing them to try new endeavors. Your job is to make sure they have the necessary tools and support to tackle each new experience as it comes.


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