Adding A Little “Spice” To Life: Gardening For Children

Flowers are in bloom, the weather is warmer, and families are firing up the grill…why not add some home-grown spices to the foods you and your family enjoy?  Taking care of the herbs will give your children ownership and teach responsibility all while making them proud of their accomplishments!

Here is how to create your own herb garden:

Boy gardeningSupplies:

  • Herb seeds of your choice (parsley, scallions, chives, rosemary, mint, dill, etc.).
  • Seeding pots—small terra cotta pots work great and are cheap!
  • Top soil – ideally, the top soil should be specific for herbs, but any type will do.
  • A small gardening shovel (small hands also make a great “shovel”!).
  • Water
  • Labels for your herbs


1)      Fill the pot 2/3 with soil.

2)      Place a few seeds and gently cover with more soil.

3)      Water the seeds enough so that the pot does not overflow.

4)      Place pot in a sunny place.

5)      Water as needed, usually when the soil looks dry. Be sure not to over-water!

6)      Once herb grows to about 6-8”, cut each branch close to the leaf intersection.  If there are no leaves (ex: parsley), remove the oldest branches to use.

7)      Enjoy!!

Planting herbs may help a picky eater choose how to make their food taste better.  Herbs are associated with having various health benefits and can also awaken the senses!!

Is your child a picky eater?  NSPT can help your child discover new foods and help make mealtime a little easier.