When Should You Take A Pacifier Away | Pediatric Therapy TV

Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist explains when a parent should take a pacifier away from a baby or toddler.

In this Video You Will Learn:

  • If there is a specific age to take the pacifier away
  • How sucking on a pacifier can cause feeding and speech difficulties
  • What kind of pacifier a child should be using

Video Transcription:

Announcer: From Chicago’s leading experts in pediatrics to a worldwide audience, this is Pediatric Therapy TV where we provide experience and innovation to maximize your child’s potential. Now, your host, here’s Robyn.

Robyn: Hello and welcome to Pediatric Therapy TV. I’m your host, Robyn Ackerman. Today, I’m standing with speech and language pathologist, Allison Raino. Allison, can you tell us at what age a child should stop using a pacifier?

Allison: Sure. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive age but what I can talk about are the limitations that pacifiers have on oral development. The first reason why pacifiers can become problematic is the amount of time the baby has a pacifier in their mouth, and the second being the size and the shape of the pacifier.

As the baby transition into chewing, jaw strength and stability is very important developmental growth, and sucking on a pacifier drastically limits the amount of jaw movements, reducing the strength and stability which could cause future feeding and speech difficulties.

The second being the size and the shape of the pacifier. The pacifiers that are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom, they’re too big for the baby’s mouth. The pacifiers that are rounded on all sides, those are preferred because it puts the tongue in a more natural position.

So, my two suggestions would be to limit the amount of time the pacifier is used as well as using the pacifier that is rounded on all sides.

Robyn: All right. Thank you for those suggestions and thank you to all of our viewers for watching. And remember, keep on blossoming.

Announcer: This has been Pediatric Therapy TV where we bring peace of mind to your family with the best in educational programming.

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  1. Amber
    Amber says:

    I was kind of worried that my son actually developed a binky addiction (sounds harsh, but true). He loved his pacifiers. I tried cold turkey one time, but wow, talking about a major problem. My friend absolutely raved about the cut method, and all of the psychology behind it. She found it on http://www.bye-bye-pacifier.com. We went with it (dragging my husband along), but OMGosh… worked so beautifully and NO tantrums, not even one! Four days later he was completely done with his paci. What a relief to finally be done with those darn binkies. Highly recommended! I am also interested in hearing from others…. Amber


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